• Kentingcoast


    No. 152 Dawan Road, Hengchun Town, Pingtung County

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    Welcome home!

    Heart distance

    Close to Kenting Main Street, one minute walking from Kenting Street.

    The Pearl of Kenting Dawan

    Like the pearl in the Kenting Dawan, the blue and white design is fully integrated into the unique atmosphere of Kenting.

    Near the beach

    Walking out of the balcony, you can see the big bay beach that is moving under the blue sky.

  • Exquisite double room

    Weekday 1500
    Holiday 2400
    Fixed price 3800

  • Exquisite quadruple room

    Weekday 2000
    Holiday 3200
    Fixed price 5800

  • Seaview double room

    Weekday 2200
    Holiday 3000
    Fixed price 5600

  • Seaview exquisite quadruple room

    Weekday 3000
    Holiday 4700
    Fixed price 7200

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